What’s in a Name: Part 2

“Albus Severus Potter, you were named after two headmasters of Hogwarts.  One of them was a Slytherin, and he was the bravest man I ever knew.” – Harry Potter to his son, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Last time I posted, I posted about Disney baby names.  This time, I’ll be posting on Harry Potter baby names.

Are you an uber nerd who likes Harry Potter?  Just looking for a unique name?  Harry Potter names might just have what you’re looking for to give your precious baby something with not only a certain uniqueness, but a really cool story behind their name.

Also, I would like to wish all the mothers, mothers-to-be, grandmothers, aunts, older sisters who have become a mother to younger siblings, step, foster, adopted mothers, and any woman who has stepped into a child’s life and said, “I will take care of them,” a very Happy Mother’s Day.  None of us would be here today without your love, support, guidance, and care.  Keep being the strong women that you are!

10 Harry Potter Boys’ Names

1. James


I’ll start the list out with James.  This is a personal favorite of mine (and one that the husband hasn’t vetoed yet!)  This name is a classic.  How cool would it be to tell your son that he was (inadvertently) named after Harry Potter’s dad?!  (I could totally get away with this, because James is a ‘family name’ in my family.)  James is actually an English variation of the Hebrew name Jacob, and means ‘supplanter’.

2. William (Bill)


William, or Bill, is another classic name.  Even a Prince of England is named William!  Bill is the eldest of the 7 Weasley kids, and he marries Fleur Delacour, and together they eventually have 3 children.  The name William originates from German and means ‘resolute protection’.  (Kind of fitting for Bill, since he was in the Order of the Phoenix and fought in the war against Voldemort.)

3. Remus


Ah, Remus.  Unfortunately, the hubby nixed this one.  In mythology, Remus was one of the twin boys, Romulus and Remus, who founded Rome, and were raised by a wolf.  Consequently, Remus was the one who died (that doesn’t foreshadow the fate of this Remus at all…).  Although the name has Latin origins, there doesn’t seem to be a definite meaning to it.  It is generally assumed that Remus means ‘werewolf’, as it is tied into the folklore and mythology of werewolves.  (Hilariously enough, the name Lupin means ‘of a wolf’, roughly translating Remus Lupin’s name to, you guessed it: Werewolf McWerewolf.  I am crying at how funny this is.)

4. Harry


Again, another classic name that also belongs to a British Prince (well, technically his real name is Henry, but we’re going to ignore that).  This name seems to be very popular in the UK, and not solely because of the book series.  But really, this is a great name.  Think about everything Harry’s been through and done; now THAT is a legacy to give a child!  Harry is generally considered to be a nickname for Henry, but it’s a good name all its own.  The name means ‘estate ruler’ (Harry Potter was a rich kid before he even knew it).

5. George


Yet ANOTHER name of a British Prince.  (Siriusly, I think the Royal Family has a soft spot for Harry Potter.)  In the books, a reader really feels sorry for George at the end; not only does he lose an ear, but he also loses his identical twin, and is never the same afterward.  The name George actually has Greek origins and means ‘farmer’.

6. Ronald

Ron Weasley

“RONALD WEASLEY!  HOW DARE YOU STEAL THAT CAR!  I AM ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED!  YOUR FATHER’S NOW FACING AN INQUIRY AT WORK, AND IT’S ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT!  IF YOU PUT ANOTHER TOE OUT OF LINE, WE’LL BRING YOU STRAIGHT HOME!”  So, the name Ronald.  Interestingly, the name has Norse origins and means ‘ruler’s counselor’; that is pretty fitting for Ron Weasley, as he’s Harry Potter’s best friend and right-hand man through the entire series.

7. Arthur


I love Arthur Weasley.  He’s such a great father figure to Harry throughout the whole series.  He genuinely cares for Harry’s wellbeing, and looks at him as another son.  The name Arthur is Celtic and means ‘bear’.  I can somewhat see that in Mr. Weasley; when Lucius Malfoy insulted his family in COS, we definitely saw his ‘papa bear’ side come out.

8. Sirius


Oh, Sirius.  He is in my top 5 favorite HP characters, if not my favorite.  He’s cheeky, a bit impulsive, and siriusly funny.  I honestly wish we could have seen more from Sirius during the series – he and Harry didn’t get enough time together, and that is the saddest thing to me.  The both needed each other, and they deserved a little happiness after all they’d been through.  The name Sirius (as can be observed with most of the Black family’s names) comes from Greek mythology and is the name of a constellation.  Sirius is the Dog Star; in mythology, Sirius was Orion’s canine companion, and he was so loved by the gods that he was given his own place in the stars.  Sirius is also the only animal in mythology to be placed in the stars.  The name means ‘burning’; any child with this name is certain to have a great sense of humor, and they will always be supplied with sirius puns.  (Unfortunately, my husband turned this down straight away, and I was immensely disappointed.)

9. Draco


Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus: Never tickle a sleeping dragon.  If you know your mythology, you may already know some information about this name.  Draco Malfoy is named after the constellation, Draco (yes, Malfoy is related to Sirius – they’re second cousins).  According to myth, the dragon, Draco, was defeated by the goddess Minerva and thrown into the sky upon defeat.  The name Draco actually means ‘dragon’.

10. Severus


Last but not least is Severus.  The formidable Potion’s Master that actually turns out to be good.  Through the books and movies, we all loved to hate him, and he earned himself the nickname ‘Greasy Dungeon Bat’.  Hubby won’t let me use it for a son, but I got to use it for my little black kitten, so I still won.  Severus has Latin roots and means ‘stern’; though some can also interpret it as meaning ‘severe’ or ‘to sever’.


10 Harr Potter Girls’ Names

1. Lily


I thought since I started the boys off with James, I should start the girls off with Lily.  Throughout the Harry Potter books, it is constantly said that Harry was saved and protected by his mother’s love.  Dumbledore himself said that only a love so pure as that of a mother for her child could defeat Voldemort.  Lily was not only a loving mother, but she was a strong, brave woman.  It was also said of her that she was a phenomenal friend, who ‘saw the best in others, sometimes even when they themselves could not see it.’  Lily Potter (Evans) was a beautiful person, inside and out; she even still showed love towards her sister, who treated her terribly, and was extremely kind.  The name Lily can be spelled different ways: Lily, Lillie, Lilly… It can also be a nickname for Lillian or Lilith.  Obviously, the name comes from the lily flower.  It is considered to be a symbol of purity and innocence.  (I’m ecstatic that my husband likes this name, I would love to name one of our future girls this.)

2. Hermione

Hermione Granger

Her-MY-Oh-Knee.  How cool would it be to name a child after the brightest witch of her age?  Personally, I really love this name, it’s very unique, but my husband said no. 😦  The character in the books is not only clever, but she is also kind (some people can be real jerks about their intelligence) and thoughtful; plus, she knows when it’s time to take the nice gloves off and kick some butt.  Hermione is the sole reason Harry and Ron lived past first year.  Hermione’s name comes from Greek mythology, in which she was a messenger of the gods.  Hermione is also the female version of Hermes.  (Note: a good nickname for Hermione that I’ve seen is ‘Mione.  A kid probably wouldn’t want her parents to call her ‘Hermy’ in front of anyone.  Ever.)

3. Ginevra


Ah, Ginevra.  The girl who stole the Boy-Who-Lived’s heart.  Yet another awesome name that my husband nixed.  He’s kinda getting in the way of my fantasy of nerdy babies.  Ginny, as she is called in the series, is one of my favorites.  She’s so spunky; I love her cheekiness, and she’s so fiery (kind of like her hair).  She’s good for Harry because she doesn’t let him brood and wallow in self-pity; she’s always there to kick his butt into gear when he needs it.  She’s also the only one who can relate to him about Voldemort; just as Harry had Voldemort messing around in his head, Ginny had also been possessed by Voldemort.  (Btw, I know a lot of people think Harry should have ended up with Hermione, but I am not one of those people.  Please don’t comment & argue this – I honestly don’t care.)  Ginevra is actually the Italian version of Guinevere (as in the Guinevere from the King Arthur legends); the name means ‘white shadow, white wave.’

4. Molly


I love Molly Weasley.  The name, however, I’m not so fond of. (Although I do think it’s hilarious that Arthur calls her ‘Mollywobbles’ in private.)  Molly Weasley has a big heart, and she automatically claims Harry as just another one of her kids.  Molly is actually a variation on the Hebrew name Mary, and it means ‘bitter.’  Oddly enough, that really doesn’t fit the character at all.

5. Fleur


Perhaps it’s because I took French in high school, but I love the name Fleur.  Fleur means ‘flower’, and Fleur Delacour means ‘flower of the court.’  Though the character has such a delicate name, she is not just a pretty face.  I think the moment that most of us really got on Fleur’s bandwagon was in Half-Blood Prince, when Bill was attacked by the werewolf Fenrir Greyback.  His face was scarred, and Mrs. Weasley commented that ‘he would have been married.’  At this, Fleur stood up for them both, saying, “What do I care how he looks?  I am good-looking enough for the both of us, I theenk!  All these scars show is sat my husband is brave!”  Though she is part Veela (a breathtakingly beautiful magical being) Fleur proves that her beauty is not what defines her.

6. Luna


Loony Luna Lovegood.  I love her personality.  Luna is that little bit of eccentricity that everyone needs in their lives.  She is a great friend to Harry, and she is both brave and smart.  The name Luna is Latin, meaning ‘moon’.

7. Petunia


Oh, dear ‘Tuney.  If you are going for flower names, Harry Potter is apparently a good baby name book.  Many people are opposed to using the name Petunia because of the relation to the character.  In the Harry Potter books, Petunia is quite nasty to Harry, because he is a reminder of her sister and everything that she doesn’t understand that scares her, and also everything she never had.  The name Petunia has English origins and means ‘anger, resentment’; very fitting for Petunia Dursley.

8. Lavender


Lavender Brown was Ron’s (very sudden) girlfriend during their sixth year at Hogwarts.  She seemed like a sweet girl, though she was very clingy and demanding.  Unfortunately, during the Battle of Hogwarts, she was viciously attacked by the werewolf Fenrir Greyback.  After the battle, no one knows what happened to her.  The name Lavender has English origins (from the lavender plant), and generally means ‘serenity, grace, and calm’, but can also mean ‘distrust.’

9. Minerva


Minerva McGonagall was yet another of my favorite characters.  I love the name, but alas, the husband said no.  I mean, really, Minnie is a great nickname.  Anyway, if you know your mythology, Minerva is the virgin Roman goddess of wisdom, the arts, medicine, martial strength, and magic.  (The Greek version of the goddess Minerva is Athena.)

10. Bellatrix


And finally, Bellatrix.  She’s evil & crazy, but you have to admire her undying loyalty to her leader.  I guess if you’re really dedicated, naming your little girl Bellatrix is a good option.  Plus, you could always shorten it to Bella.  It’s definitely different; instead of the usual ‘Isabella’, the child would have a really tough-sounding name.  It’s roots are Latin and it means ‘tough warrior.’  See what I said about a tough name?


Do you like the names on this list?  Would you (or have you already) use any of them for your child?  What names do you think should have been included?  Let me know what you think!


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